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Welcome to Destiny Islands. Population: not much. Not until now, anyway.

Say goodbye to whatever you were doing before and wherever you were, none of it matters now. You're on a small chain of islands surrounded by the ocean. The flora is beautiful, tropical, and undoubtedly familiar. People have different names for these islands. A safe place, a new start, a prison. But mostly... People call it home.

Things have changed. The houses are mostly empty. That door, the one in the Secret Place? It's open, and it leads to a large circular room with many other doors, just waiting to be explored.

For now, though, you wake up on an island in celebration, with banners, treats, and party favors. Unfortunately, it's not all fun and games. You're here for a reason, and this place wants you to get to know each other! It's going to give you plenty of opportunities to do that, too, if the idea of finding yourself suddenly on an island with other people isn't interesting enough.

The power of this place is still fresh and temperamental, and it can manifest in any number of random and surprising ways when influenced by the magic of other worlds.

Don't worry, any mishaps should be temporary.
• Best keep an eye on that shadow of yours. Seems it doesn't want to stay with you in favor of independence and mischief. Only Peter Pan could tell you how to fix that.

• Faith, trust, and pixie dust. Whether it's about seeing home or something completely different, one happy thought can send you flying. Literally. Instructions not included.

• Don't worry about others getting mixed up if you happen to have a double (or three). You're still unique, right? Maybe you don't need to be completely human to show that. You could be a temporary mermaid, or a puppet, or a furry woodland creature. Or just have the features of one.

• If you're too antisocial, or even if you're not, you might just find yourself surrounded by Dream Eaters. How on earth did they get here?

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