King Simba ([personal profile] hamlion) wrote in [community profile] paoputree2013-07-17 12:06 am

Welcome to the Pride Lands

[One of the worlds that can be visited? It's a world called the Pride Lands. And everywhere the African sun touches belongs to the king, named Simba.

Of course, when humans visit, the place ends up changing its guests to better suit the dreadful environment. Some of you may be familiar with such a thing, but it's likely a learning experience for just about anyone else. And of course, various lionesses on patrol have mentioned this to the king.

So of course, Simba is there! He's ready to investigate and see who's come to the Pride Lands, and he's ready to either ask them to leave or invite them to stay for a while... it all depends on presentation. Then again, the king himself is sort of dancing and humming to himself, so it can't be that difficult to win him over...]

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