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Larxene ([personal profile] twelfthspark) wrote in [community profile] paoputree2013-07-18 10:09 pm

I wanna be the very best

[Good [insert time of day here], Traverse Town!

I heard you all like collecting cute colorful creatures and having them fight for you. Well... there's surely some of those lurking around here too, but we're not talking about them.

Visitors to Traverse Town today may find themselves face to face with a variety of completely different cute, colorful collectible creatures. (spoiler: we're talking about Pokémon)

There's a Larxene ([personal profile] twelfthspark) in the Third District, new in town, grumpy and bewildered, with a swarm of fuzzy little spiders (and one less little) following her like imprinted ducklings.

Meanwhile in Second District, a Demyx ([personal profile] thatoneboss) is sitting on the edge of the fountain, playing his sitar. He nearly falls into the basin when a colorful bird alights nearby and starts repeating snatches of his song back at him, note-perfect.]

((ooc: Open post, because I'm a little nostalgic for Route. Mention which character you want in a tag, or just start your own thread, whatever.))