Jul. 14th, 2013 11:15 pm
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[There seems to be a fair bit of activity in the Grid today! First we have this dork. Having seen those awesome lightcycles, 'Sora' decided the best plan of action was to hop right on top of one and give it a ride!

Problem is, he hasn't used his Glider in ages, and driving a Gummi Ship is different than riding a computerized motorcycle. While he gets it going fairly fast, the speed ends up overwhelming, and in no time he ends up crashing into a wall. Care to lend a hand?

Now, on the opposite end of the spectrum, a certain Riku ([personal profile] keybearer) seems to be cruising along just fine, even performing a few jumps just for fun. Alas, the track is kinda barren right now, meaning there's next to no competition. After a while, he'll hop down from his ride and check to see if anyone else has popped up. He's half-tempted to explore, but it'd be better with company.

And then there's a certain apprentice ([personal profile] intellect) doing only the appropriate thing, really. He's... analyzing every nook and cranny of the computer program. The Solar Sailors in particular catch his eye, and he's currently taking notes and examining one while muttering to himself.]

[ooc: Open post because I got bored. Feel free to mention which char you want! The Ienzo's based on pre-BBS headcanon and is AU. Others have info on their profiles. :|b]


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