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Oh bother. Seems as if you've lost your way.

You've been meandering as 'whatever-you-are's tend to do quite often, if only because 'whatever-you-ares' are very good at meandering.

But perhaps it might have been better to do what 'whatever-you-are's do best some other time, since you are actually searching for a very specific somebody! They most certainly will help you today, you think. Help you find some hunny, or track down those dastardly heffalumps and woozles. Perhaps to help tend your garden, or build your house which will just fall over anyway. (It always does). And maybe in the future, you'll need them to fetch you from that tree when you've been blown into by a blustery wind on a blustery day!

Either way, you'll hear the pitter patter of footsteps approach from behind, perhaps a stranger, or perhaps a very good friend.

And when you turn, this maybe-friend-or-perhaps-stranger greets you!

Sora offers a hand. "There you are!" And a warm smile. "You ready?"

[ooc: Oh dear- you've been turned into a stuffed animal/person/creature in the Hundred Acre wood. But have no fear, whatever flight of fancy strikes you, Sora's here to help and protect! Action tags or prose, have Sora take you on a misadventure, or take Sora on one of yours! Have fun and be as creative as you want - after all, it's what 'whatever-you-are's are best at.

Note: Using a post from an old RP of mine, because the interactions were delightful.]


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